We buy and sell electronic test and manufacturing equipment for professionals and privates


  • We would be pleased to provide an offer to your company's surplus equipment. Call or mail for an appointment.


  • We offer refurbished test equipment from Agilent, Rohde&Schwarz, Tektronix etc.


  • We offer oscilloscopes, network analyzers, power supplies, signal generators, spectrum analyzers and much more.


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Morten B. Jørgensen


Phone +45 2013 7272



















To refurbish is to think green


  • There are clearly enviromental advantages by reusing electronic equipment. Although new equipment may have less power consumption, this does not counterbalance the burden of scrapping  electronics followed by the production of new electronics.


  • Think green and consider to purchase refurbished electronic equipment. It is worth it for the environment and for your budget.









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